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Books to read and an environment for children to make friends with them. There is a good medium to increase their knowledge and answer their questions. High quality books and digital library is available.

well equipped ICT Centre which provides an opportunity to understand in a better way with the help of computer-aided learning processes. computer labs play a critical role in learning by developing students' ability to learn, access information and complete their work.

This laboratory is a dedicated space for learning where students and teachers can access the audio-visual facilities. this facility is a very helpful tool for practicing and learning any language.

For science section we have 4 Labs- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology Laboratory for teaching the students that first-hand experience in observation and meaningfulness of the materials of science is superior to other methods. developing understanding and appreciation towards lab work is also frequently used to develop skills necessary for more advanced study or research.

The space and the modern design of the amphitheatre makes it the perfect venue for plenty of activities and event theatre is used for out-of-class learning and to organise multiple events like performance, art and craft, Studio purposes, dance, drama, acting and music.

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