To maintain the basic objective of education, a school which is a co-ordination of the oldest and latest education system, as well as to further strengthen the existing education system and make changes in education according to its objective. To inculcate moral values and patriotism through education and to strengthen the feelings of humanity, culture, language, patriotism etc.



An environment in which children are motivated to learn by themselves along with learning in a stress-free and playful manner. A platform for self-improvement, where each subject is taught through practical and real projects.



For the holistic development of children, a school where there is child-centred education; children can search for themselves and identify and develop their inner values, as well as build a civilized society and a strong country.

Our Values

Teachers are not only education providers but are instructors as well.

By paying attention to each child, bringing out the hidden qualities in them and according to the interest of the child, identifying his skills and connecting them with life skills and developing their positive skills we aid students to achieve their aspirations.

We encourage children's intellectual, mental, cultural and physical development, along with self-discipline to develop their responsibility for their society, family and country, which is free from discrimination in any way.

Expressions of one's thoughts and feelings freely is extremely vital.

Harmony between children, their parents and the teacher in education makes the development process way easier.


Highlights of features provided in our school!

  • Well trained teachers to assist the scientific and systematic development of students
  • Career councelling by psychometric and scientific methods
  • Separate computer for each student
  • Completely digital classrooms for effective and easy learning
  • Bus facility for every route
  • Worldclass library and well equipped labs
  • Robotics courses for students
  • Nationally accredited sports coaches to teach all forms of sports
  • All indoor and outdoor games available
  • Fully equipped playground
  • Yoga and martial arts
  • Self defence training
  • Library designed to promote reading hebits
  • Platform for students to explore their true self
  • Subject assignment to students based on personalized interests and demonstrated career choices individually
  • Subjects taught based on practicality and vedic maths
  • Support to students preparing for competitive examinations
  • Teachers trained by reknowned authorities






class Rooms


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